Trellis Expanda Grille

Atlas Trellis Expanda Grille is a fully framed expandable/retractable security barrier constructed with a lattice type cross-linkages hinged bars sandwiched by vertically opposed upright bars forming a strong physical and formidable security barrier in deterring and preventing the burglar from gaining entry.


Suitable for many commercial applications including Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Shopfronts, Doorways, Bottle Shops, Sports Complexes, Arcades, Clubs, Ventilation Security.


All Colorbond® or stainless steel components are roll-formed into special profiles for ultimate strength. Custom made to secure any width of opening and height of up to 4.0 meter high multiple stacks on a single track are applied to lock on each sash not exceeding 6 meters in width Atlas’s retractable gate stacks away neatly to 15% of its original opening size. The jambs and locking stiles are constructed from uniquely rolled sections that enclose the double hook lock for extra strength and is an anti-prying security measure. The bottom rail can be removable or conceal with the option of an anti-pry feature.


Atlas Trellis Expanda Grille is top hung, supported by double nylon 66 bearing wheels with good abrasion resistant, heat resistant and self-lubricating properties ensuring a smooth operation with low friction and minimal maintenance.


The Colorbond® steel is available in standard coloured finish while still have the option of selecting a wide range of Dulux oven baked powder coated coloured finish.