Mobile Trellis Barrier

Atlas Mobile Trellis Barrier is a framed expandable/retractable security barrier constructed with a lattice type cross-riverted bars that provide the proven toughness and versatility with the added mobility and locking castors which is easily deployed around the facility with minimum effort

General Details


Supply and install MOBILE TRELLIS BARRIER manufactured by ATLAS DOORS (please specify)


Suitable for restricting access,  providing security or ensuring safety in a retail kiosk, shopping centres, trains stations, airports, function centres, factories, warehouses, and restaurants etc,

Trellis Fence

A unique curtain design that is constructed from 20mm x 20mm high grade aluminium square tubes riveted together enabling the formation to expand and contract. The fence is supported by 40mm x 40mm square steel uprights on both ends with reinforced ball bearing with rubber tyres which are lockable to secure the Mobile Trellis Barrier into position


Highly mobile and ability to interconnect barriers to form a continuous barrier


Available in Black or White in colour









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