The Dynasty 9300 Series is versatile and easy to operate. There are no floor tracks, removable mullions, or the need for complicated bulkheads, giving greater flexibility in design and operation, as there's no need for costly motorisation. Suitable for a variety of internal and external situations such as bars, gaming areas, cafés and more, this is one of our most popular doors for wide openings.



Supply and install DYNASTY® Model 9300 by Dynamic Closures (Aust) Pty. Ltd. (specify).

Work Excluded

The general contractor shall supply adequate wood or metal supports. Minimum structural capacity to support (145kg per linear metre of door).


Meeting stiles shall be extruded aluminium members (32mm x 73mm). Sections shall be extruded from aluminium and constructed in accordance with details shown on shop drawings. Should fixed panels be required they shall be of matching construction. Brush weather seal at floor optional.


Available in the following materials:

  1. 6.38mm Clear Laminated Glass
  2. 18ga. Perforated (51%) Visibility Panels

Note: maximum height 3000mm.


Track shall be heavy-duty extruded aluminium [ 40mm (h) x 36mm (w) and shall be surface mounted or recessed as required (specify).


All models are offered in our standard high quality clear anodised finish, or standard powder coat finishes.


To be Dynamic’s heavy duty auto retractable cylinder locks on access panels. All other panels shall be secured with a conveniently located shootbolt system that will lock into a specially designed dust resistant floor socket.


STACK WIDTH: Panel Size + 100mm
STACK DEPTH: 90mm per pair of panels.

Note: the Dynasty® 9300 Series has a half panel each end of the door.

Example of a 914mm Panel (Nominal Size):

3 250mm 1034mm
7 530mm 1174mm
10 740mm 1279mm
  • It is imperative that ceiling and floor are level.
  • Stacks left and/or right off wall.
  • Also available in bi-part stacking half left & half right.
  • No floor track required.
  • Maximum height 3000mm.

To secure premises, remove the door from pocket.Close the pocket door. The end panel then butts up against the pocket door and locks top and bottom.