Featuring many exquisite contour and colours. The Accordian is designed, engineered and build for virtually any situation. It can accommodate curved shopfronts, variable heights, overhead space limitation and other design constraints.


Supply and install ACCORDIAN CONCERTINA FOLDING DOOR manufactured by ATLAS DOORS (specify)


Suitable for many commercial applications including: Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Shopfronts,  Arcades, Counter Tops, Sports Complexes, Clubs.


A very versatile door closure which can be fitted to curved opening and across any width and neatly stacks away to provide the maximum aperture. The Accordian is also suited for door openings with limited headroom available.

A wide choice of infills panels available to suit specific requirements.


The Accordian is manually operated by hand. The door can be single stacked to one side or bi-parting to each side of the opening.


The panels and tracks are provided in a natural anodised finish as standard but can be powder coated as an option.

Track – The Accordian is supported by a 35mm wide x 40mm deep extruded aluminium overhead track.. For curved operation a 600mm degrees radius track is provided for smooth and easy operation.

Curtain – Constructed from specially extruded aluminium sections with an interlocking hinge allowing 175 degrees movement which makes the panels concertina and stack together. The panels widths can be either 300mm or 150mm nominal

The Accordian comes standard with 3mm transparent polycarbonate infill panels allowing clear visibility through the door.

Alternative infill panels are

  • opaque polycarbonate
  • 3mm toughened glass
  • Solid aluminium
  • Perforated steel/aluminium sheeting

Weight – the average door weights are:

  • 300mm panels = 6 kg/m² with polycarbonate infill
  • 150mm panels = 12 kg/m² with polycarbonate infill

Lock – The leading panel is constructed from a two piece specially designed 54mm x 32mm aluminium extrusion and cover plate which house the locking system. The superior lock design has a removable cylinder which can be replaced to suit the clients keying requirements. The locking system is covered by a custom made fascia providing extra safety and security to the lock.


Stacking Box Size –

300 Panels 150 Panels
Box Width 350 Box Width 200
Opening Width Single Stack Biparting stack Single Stack Biparting stack
1000 246 294
2000 403 515
3000 467 270 643 358
4000 624 403 864 515
5000 688 435 992 579
6000 861 459 1120 643
7000 909 491 1248 707
8000 1082 624 1562 864
9000 1146 656 1690 928